How big a problem
is unsafe sleep?

Unsafe sleep claims, on average, 10 babies a year in Monroe County. The Baby Safe Sleep Coalition and its partners and friends are committed to ending this tragedy.

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Was donated last year by generous
friends to our Safe Sleep initiatives,
but so much more is needed.

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What is Safe Sleep and
how does it keep babies safe?

Palm Cards

Our Palm Card provides a snapshot of the ABCs of safe sleep and a few ways to engage with our Baby Safe Sleep Coalition and help parents and caregivers create safe sleep environments wherever they go.
Download Palm Card A | Download Palm Card B | Download Palm Card C

More Materials

Our brochure, guidelines and poster will help you test your safe sleep knowledge and are easy ways to share our safe sleep message. Click on the three images below to download a PDF.

Family engagement
for parents and caregivers!

The major cause of PREVENTABLE deaths in babies under the age of one is suffocation. We have programs, and tips, to help you relax and raise a healthy baby.

(585) 319-7446

Families share
their stories and memories.

Calendar of events!

Feb 08 Steering Committee Meeting
Mar 30 Doctors Day
April 6 Wellness Day

10AM-4PM RRCC (123 E. Main St.)
Do you have infant, toddler or preschool children at home? This day is for you!

Our Contacts

Baby Safe Sleep Coalition

Rochester NY 14624 | USA
PHYSICAL ADDRESS: 1 Favor Street Rochester NY 14608 | USA

(585) 319-7446

Please contact us at [email protected] if you would like more information about Safe Sleep or to schedule a workshop or presentation for your organization.

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