Why are bumpers, blankets and toys unsafe?

We’ve all seen the pictures of a peacefully sleeping baby in a crib surrounded by beautiful bumpers, soft blankets and cuddly toys. While it may look like the ideal setting for your baby’s nap, more and more cases of infant deaths have been linked to these seemingly harmless items.

Newborns are unable to lift or turn their heads when placed on their stomachs. Their tiny airway can easily be blocked by a blanket, pillow or toy – it doesn’t have to be against the baby’s face to interfere with his or her breathing. Older babies can roll and become tangled in blankets, bumpers or toys and suffocate.

A few minutes on an adult bed, sofa or chair can also be risky for your baby. A baby’s tiny mouth or nose can be pressed into a position that makes it impossible for them to breathe. Sleeping with an adult or sibling can also cause the baby’s nose or mouth to be blocked. Even a few minutes without air can cause death.