What Is Safe Sleep?

The tragedy is all too common: mom lays the baby down on her bed just for a minute to answer the phone, and comes back 10 minutes later to find her baby motionless and unresponsive. In the blink of an eye, her baby had rolled over, going face-first into some soft surface, like a pillow or comforter. Unable to roll back, the baby suffocated in just a few minutes.

Healthy babies are dying, in Monroe County and across the nation, because unsafe sleeping arrangements leave them vulnerable to accidental suffocation. These are babies who will never grow up to love and laugh. They leave behind parents who will always bear the sorrow of losing a precious son or daughter; parents who will always wonder whether they could have done more to prevent their baby’s death.

In Monroe County, an average of 10 babies a year have died in unsafe sleeping conditions. The numbers make it the leading cause of death for healthy infants.