Help Your Baby Learn to Be a Good Sleeper

For many of us, getting enough sleep can be the biggest challenge when you bring your new baby home from the hospital. All too frequently this results in exhausted parents bringing their infant into bed with them in hopes of everyone getting a little more rest.

But sleeping with your infant can be fatal. The Monroe County Department of Public Health found that sleeping with another person was the contributing cause of death in 55 percent of the infants who died in 2015 due to unsafe sleep elements.

In an effort to reduce these needless deaths, the Baby Safe Sleep Coalition has created a tip sheet for parents, Help Your Baby Learn to Be a Good Sleeper.

Developed in collaboration with local health professionals, hospital staff and home visiting program experts, these tips offer helpful advice in understanding a baby’s sleep patterns and how parents can help teach them to be better sleepers.

“Many people don’t realize that the baby’s environment and a consistent routine contribute significantly to signaling that it is sleep time,” explained Dr. Joanne Cordaro, a pediatrician at Eastside Pediatrics and co-chair of the Baby Safe Sleep Coalition. “We hope that it will help families get more rest and avoid exposing infants to unsafe sleep risks.

Sleep Tips for You & Your Baby