The ABCs
of safe sleep.

Did you know?

Babies should always sleep alone on their backs, in an approved crib or bassinet, with no blankets, pillow, crib bumpers or toys.

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Your baby should always be alone anytime he or she is put down to sleep. While the American Academy of Pediatrics recommends room sharing during the first year of life, bed sharing is never recommended.

Your baby’s sleep space should be completely clear of all clutter including soft pillows blankets and bedding, crib bumpers and stuffed toys. The only thing that should be in your baby’s sleep space is a tightly fitted sheet.


Your baby should always be placed on his or her back to sleep. When your baby is laid down to rest on his or her side or tummy, the risk of suffocation due to rebreathing carbon dioxide increases.

If your baby spits up while sleeping on his or her back, you can trust that their gag reflex is strong enough that he or she will avoid choking. You can feel confident that placing your baby on his or her back for every sleep is the best thing that you can do to keep your baby safe.


Your babies should sleep in their own cribs (or a safety-approved Pack and Play or bassinet). To prevent the risks of suffocation and death, the crib should have a firm mattress with a fitted sheet. There should be nothing else in the crib besides your baby, such as blankets, stuffed animals, toys, bumper pads, or pillows.

Why? Because there is a chance that your baby could roll over and suffocate on these things. When it is cold outside, swaddling your baby during sleep is a safer option than loose blankets in her crib. The video below shows you how to swaddle your baby.

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The Swaddle

Confused about swaddling? Wondering if it is healthy or harmful? Learn how to swaddle with this step-by-step video and see how it comforts and soothes baby ensuring a good night’s sleep for all of you!

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