Safe sleep is simple

Babies should always sleep alone on their backs, in an approved crib or bassinet, with no blankets, pillow, crib bumpers or toys.

  • Your baby is safe when placed on his or her back in a crib or bassinet each and every time he or she sleeps. Even five minutes in an unsafe sleep place could cause death.
  • The crib or bassinet should have no blankets, bumpers or toys. Your baby can become stuck in them or roll into them and suffocate.
  • Your baby should never sleep with a parent or a sibling. They could roll over on the baby in their sleep, killing the baby. Many moms think they won’t roll over on their baby but it does happen.
  • Even a few minutes on an adult bed is risky for your baby. Soft bedding and pillows can be too close to a baby’s mouth and nose, limiting his access to oxygen and causing him to slowly suffocate.
  • Sofas and chairs are also dangerous for your baby. Your baby should sleep in a crib, on his or her back every time he or she sleeps.
  • It’s your baby. It’s your choice. Tell everyone who cares for your baby about safe sleep and insist on your baby sleeping in a safe place.