Better Sleep for You and Your Baby!

We understand how challenging it is for parents and caregivers when their baby wakes up frequently or fusses throughout the night so nobody gets any sleep.

When you’re tired or frustrated, it’s may seem easier to just bring your baby into bed with you. But sleeping with your baby is risky, with the majority of infant unsafe sleep deaths linked to sleeping with another person. It is safer when your baby sleeps alone on his back in a crib or bassinet with a firm mattress and no blankets, pillows, crib bumpers or toys.

Working with the Pediatric Sleep Medicine Services experts at UR Medicine/Golisano Children’s Hospital, we put together these tips that can help you and your baby get better rest.

Infant Sleep Tips:   Teach Your Baby to Be a Good Sleeper!

  1. Babies are safe when they sleep alone on their backs in a crib or pack ‘n play with no bumpers, blankets, pillows or toys. Do this every time the baby sleeps.
  2. We all have to LEARN to fall asleep!
  3. Have a short simple bedtime routine. Pick the same things to do and DO THEM IN THE SAME ORDER EVERY NIGHT. 
  4. Examples: bath, PJs, feed, read (a book, do not use a tablet), sing, snuggle. PUT BABY TO SLEEP DROWSY BUT AWAKE. (Try not to develop bad habits – don’t rock the baby TO SLEEP, don’t feed TO SLEEP).
  5. DURING THE DAY, lots of inside and outside light hesleep-tip-photo-1lps babies sleep better at night. Keep the whole home bright during the day. The room for sleeping should be dark and cool (ideally 62-65 degrees).
  6. You will learn your baby’s cries. If you believe your baby is wet or hungry, RESPOND.
  7. Some babies make noise and move around while sleeping. If they do wake, they may just fall back asleep on their own – GREAT!
  8. Everybody wakes up during the night – this is normal!! BABIES WAKE UP A LOT MORE. Their sleep cycles are shorter. Your baby’s sleep cycles and patterns will change as they grow.
  9. Help your baby become a good sleeper! If you go to your baby every time you hear them, it can become a habit. They will expect you to come and comfort them every time. BABIES CAN AND WILL LEARN TO SOOTHE THEMSELVES.
  10. Follow these tips – both you and your baby will get more sleep! YOU ARE YOUR BEST WITH GOOD REST!